Add Vibrancy and Beauty with ColorFast

Using the ColorFast plugin from NewBlue Filters 5, you can quickly add vibrancy and beauty to an otherwise dull scene.

6 Steps For Using ColorFast

Step One:

Add ColorFast to your clip.

add Colorfast to your clip


Step Two:

Under Primary Correction, choose the Pick White tool and select the whitest part of the scene.

Use Primary color correction and apply to clip.


Step Three:

From the Presets drop-down menu, choose the Cold preset. This preset helps accentuate the sky in this clip. From here, make sure your Masks are correct before adjusting the colors.

ColorFast 2 User Interface


Step Four:

Under Show Mask, select Highlights, then increase the Highlights to 15 and Shadows to 8. This effectively changed the shots intensity.

Secondary Color Correction User Interface


Step Five:

Under Highlights, select Enable and move the Tint to -49 and Saturation to 63 in order to emphasize the sky.

Step 5: ColorFast Tint and Saturations


Step Six:

Under Midtones, bring the Tint to -12 and Saturation to 100.

Step 6: Colorfast Midtones


There you have it: Vibrance and beauty to an otherwise dull image with the ColorFast plugin from NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate.

Colofast: Before and After

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