Intro to Video Editing (Part 1): Let’s Get Started!

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What to expect in this blog series:

In this 10 part blog series, we will be exploring ways to become involved in the video editing world. Whether you are a professional, an amateur, or a complete rookie, this series is for you. Intro to Video Editing will freshen up professional’s skills and guide beginners through the process of editing footage.


Topics Included in Intro to Video Editing:

The Editor’s Role in Storytelling + Common Vocabulary

Rules to Follow and Break

Understanding Video Editing Software

Getting Started with Video Effects

Editing Different Types of Productions

Understanding the Role of Audio and How to Integrate it

Making the Jump from Amateur to Professional


What do editors really do?

A common belief surrounding video editors is that they are taking away, or deleting footage. That is actually false. A video editor is in charge of adding effects, transitions, formats, titles, and more to the footage. This job is crucial because it transforms video clips into a professional-looking production.

Video editors are responsible for telling a story. Their choice in color dictates the mood of the production. Their choice in effects transforms the feel of the film.

For those of you who are professionals, this information may not be new. However, for those of you who are beginners, up next are some common terms that video editors use.


Common Video Editing Terms You Should Know:

We’ve listed the Top 30 Terms in alphabetical order for you. Some of the terms refer to the greater video creation process while others are very specific to video editing.

For all of you aspiring and professional video editors, make sure to look at the list! You might be surprised at terms you find there…


Up Next!

In the next blog post in this Intro to Video Editing series, we will be discussing the rules of videography, when to follow them, and more importantly – when to break them.


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