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Top 5 GoPro Tips for Content Creators

GoPro Tips for Content Creators

GoPro tips for creators

Action cameras have become a must-have for every content creator. Ever since GoPro made them popular, content creators have used them in everything from vlogging to extreme action sports.

Odds are that by now you have one laying around, even if you’re not an extreme sports athlete. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best GoPro tips to get the most out of your action camera.

Make a Timelapse

One of the unique features is the GoPro’s small size. This means that you can easily adapt it for a variety of situations. Mounts, tripods and adhesive adapters are widely available, but for something more complex, you can get creative.

Crafty GoPro users have found that by using a simple egg timer you can very quickly put together a handy time-lapse rig with minimal effort. Here’s how from Kyle Martin Tech:

Not bad for the $6 investment!

Create a Light Painting

Light painting is one of the most creative projects in photography. It’s a great way to help you understand how cameras work and become more familiar with its settings. It’s only fitting that it made it into our list of GoPro tips.

In this tutorial, Jordan Hetrick shows you how to use the Night Photo mode on a GoPro to create beautiful light paintings.

Grab a Lot of Accessories

GoPro branded accessories can be costly. Losing or breaking them testing out the camera can be a pain given the small amount of included accessories and adhesive mounts.

Luckily, you can get a grab-bag of accessories for just $9, allowing you to determine which ones are worth your investment. These kits often come with a suction cup, plenty of adhesive mounts, daisy chain adapters and even a selfie stick to get your vlog started.

Grab an energy drink and check out this review of the Zookki Accessory kit from Jeff Review Things:


Editing Plugins

While action cameras open up your options to the type of shots you can take, they still have their drawbacks. Often times white balancing can be off or the wide angle lens can be too distracting.

For these issues, we recommend our free Color Fixer Pro plugin to quickly recover your color balance, fix exposure and boost your video’s contrast levels.  In addition, if you want to correct the wide angle lens effect of your GoPro camera, our Lens Corrector plugin provides a quick fix to correct the often distracting distortion. You’ll find this useful when you are conducting interviews or close-ups.

See Color Fixer Pro in action here:

GoPro Microphones

There are a few options for capturing good audio on a GoPro. You can opt for external recording devices like handled recorders or hook up your own microphone with an adapter.

Youtuber Jeremy Sciarappa put together a review of the best options for GoPro microphones – ranging from simple plug and play devices to more complete microphone case adapters.

Check it out:

By now you have a clearer idea of how far you can push your GoPro and how it can become a versatile production tool. Making creative use of household items and a small investment in equipment can go a long way in expanding your creative boundaries.
Take a look at some of the creative stories people have been able to tell:


It’s time to dust off your GoPro and take it for a spin once again.


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