Finding the Right On-Air Graphics Solution for Live Productions

Sports main title on air graphic

Introduction to On-Air Graphics

Not every production starts off looking like an ESPN broadcast. On-air graphics play a key role in any great live production. While Photoshop can help, it doesn’t leave much in terms of flexibility, and that’s essential – especially during a live production.

Our Titler Live series of on-air graphics brings the cutting-edge technology of Titler Pro and makes it available to broadcast and live-streaming professionals. This allows broadcasters to incorporate beautiful, 3D, on-air graphics into their programs via Wirecast, TriCaster and other broadcasting switches.

In this brief product introduction, we’ll show why Titler Live from NewBlue is your answer for beautiful on-air graphics and help you find the right Titler Live version for your needs.

Titler Live Express

Included as a free download with Wirecast 7, Titler Live Express offers an outstanding introduction to the Titler Live series. With over 60 unique titles, lower thirds and bugs to choose from, Express makes it quick and easy to bring a professional look to a live stream instantly.

Social Media lower third on air graphic example

Key Benefits of Titler Live Express:

  • Animated Drag and drop templates.
  • Customizable text, color and duration.
  • Comprehensive interface with action buttons.
  • Push titles directly from the Titler Live Interface

Titler Live Standard

The Titler Live Standard Edition builds on the template rich capabilities of Titler Live Express by allowing for the freedom to customize your titles and templates. Take any of the included templates into the Title Designer to completely customize your title or create your own from scratch.

The Title Designer is easy to navigate and allows for a wide range of possibilities when it comes to customization. This includes the ability to import PSD files and add animations from the extensive library to create your own unique motion graphics.

Lower third on air graphic

Key Benefits of Titler Live Standard

  • Access to the fully featured Title Designer
  • PSD/EPS import capabilities
  • Over 30 dynamic Animations
  • Live Update Functionality

Titler Live Standard Edition is great for general-purpose streaming due to its versatility in design and functionality.

Titler Live Advance

Another step forward, Titler Pro Advance provides options for those leaning toward sports broadcasting. With all the same features of Titler Live Standard, Titler Live Advance gives you even more creative control.

Titler Live Advance comes with an expanded selection of templates, featuring designs specifically suited for sports scoreboards and stats. Breathe some energy into your titles by using animations and effects from the included Kinetic and Fluid Motion Packs.

Titler Live on air graphics scoreboard example.

Key Benefits of Titler Live Advance:

  • Additional motion effects and transitions in the Fluid and Kinetic Motion Packs
  • Over 50 professional sport scoreboards
  • Two integrated game clocks
  • Stream to any compatible HDMI device
  • Scoreboard Module Integration

Titler Live Broadcast

Titler Live Broadcast features components for every type of live broadcasting. Whether it’s titling news, sports, or conventions, Broadcast provides a collection of templates to encompass every genre of live broadcasting.

If you need something a little edgy and sophisticated, the Highline Collection is perfect for interviews and high-end productions. The On-Air Collection offers a wide selection of lower third templates to be used for news and corporate events. And that’s just the start. There are over 160 professional templates to choose from and on top of that, you have unlimited freedom when it comes to title playlists.

Regardless of your production, you can add as many title templates to your playlist as you want. Even better, Broadcast allows up to 16 channels to be streamed at once. In addition, you can also send out via HDMI or via an Air Send protocol. Overall, Broadcast stands true to its name; it is a broadcaster’s ultimate title solution to meet any production’s need.

On air graphics news template

Key Benefits of Titler Live Broadcast:

  • All of the features of Titler Live Advance
  • Up to 16 channel streaming via NDI
  • CSV title list Export/Import
  • Over 50 additional titling templates
  • Live monitor feed
  • Unlimited title playlists
  • Send up to 2 graphics channels via AirSend
  • Native 4K resolution

Every version of Titler Live offers something unique and is tailored to meet your individual broadcasting needs. No matter which one you choose, know that you can always take your production to the next level with Titler Live from NewBlueFX.


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