Bring Vector Files to Life with Titler Pro

Bring Vector Files to Life with Titler Pro

With the import vector feature from NewBlue Titler Pro, you can create dynamic results with vector files using unique built-in animations.

4 Steps to Animate Vector Files

Step One:

Open Titler Pro 3 and go to File and Import Vector.

Step 1: Titler Pro 3


Step Two:

Under the Style tab, choose Extrusion, and add a bit of depth to the vector by increasing the value to 4.2

Step 2: Titler Pro 3


Step Three:

Under the Library tab, click on Transitions, then Animations, and hover over the options to see a preview before selecting.

Step 3: Titler Pro 3


Step Four:

After the animation is chosen, go under Attributes, select the Transitions tab, then adjust the parameters to achieve the perfect look.

Step 4: Titler Pro 4

There you have it: You’ve added life and energy to an otherwise mundane logo with built-in animations and the vector import feature inside Titler Pro.

Discover the Vector Import feature and much more in NewBlue Titler Pro.

Titler Pro 3 Call to Action


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