Bring Vector Files to Life with Titler Pro

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Bring Vector Files to Life with Titler Pro

With the import vector feature from NewBlue Titler Pro, you can create dynamic results with vector files using unique built-in animations.

4 Steps to Animate Vector Files

Step One:

Open Titler Pro 3 and go to File and Import Vector.

Step 1: Titler Pro 3


Step Two:

Under the Style tab, choose Extrusion, and add a bit of depth to the vector by increasing the value to 4.2

Step 2: Titler Pro 3


Step Three:

Under the Library tab, click on Transitions, then Animations, and hover over the options to see a preview before selecting.

Step 3: Titler Pro 3


Step Four:

After the animation is chosen, go under Attributes, select the Transitions tab, then adjust the parameters to achieve the perfect look.

Step 4: Titler Pro 4

There you have it: You’ve added life and energy to an otherwise mundane logo with built-in animations and the vector import feature inside Titler Pro.

Discover the Vector Import feature and much more in NewBlue Titler Pro.

Titler Pro 3 Call to Action


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