8 of the Best Free Resources for Adobe Premiere Pro CC & CS6

Adobe Premiere Pro has a rich legacy dating back to its release in 1991. Today, Adobe Premiere Pro has gained steam in some of the biggest markets including television and feature films. More recently, it was used in the high-grossing film, Gone Girl, and before that in Captain Abu Raed and Monsters.

How has Adobe Premiere Pro continued to push the creative boundaries of the post-production industry for over 20 plus years?


When Adobe Premiere Pro upgraded to CC, it was an excellent example of how a software can break away from the NLE herd. Premiere Pro CC incorporated JKL trimming, which implores keyboard shortcuts that allow you to scrub and trim elements simultaneously, performing precise cuts to footage as you watch it.

Premiere Pro CC also comes with a number of adaptable media bins and panels that empower you to not only store your media, but also preset attributes to media before you drag them onto your timeline.

If you’re looking to be a part of the legacy and become a Premiere editing pro or just refine your skills, we made it easy for you.

Here are eight of the best free resources for Adobe Premiere Pro CC & CS6:

Top 8 Free Resources Plus a Bonus!

1. Terry White

Terry White is one of the leading experts on Adobe Creative Cloud products and services. Terry has worked for Adobe for over 18 years and active in the industry for over 25! He is currently the Principal Creative Cloud Evangelist for Adobe System, Inc. and leads the charge in delivering presentations worldwide on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Solutions.

Terry’s industry knowledge seems almost limitless, so make sure to take a look at his YouTube playlist and or his video list featured on Adobe TV.

He also created a great how-to video on green screen effects in Adobe Premiere Pro CC using the Ultra Key filter:

You can find him on Twitter at @terrylwhite. And follow his blog, where he posts about a range of technological developments.

2. Adobe’s Blog & TV

There’s nothing better than going to the source. Adobe’s blog on Premiere Pro is excellent for keeping you informed about the latest updates, compatibility news, bug fixes, and Adobe industry news.

Below we’ve shared some of our picks for the top tutorials on Adobe TV…

Jeff Sengstack, from Infinite Skill, shows you how to use some of the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 in this video, “Editing With The Ripple And Rolling Edit Tools.”

Looking to increase the speed of your workflow? Consider watching this great video, “Taking control of your Timeline.”

You’ll learn how to hide and show crucial information that helps with decision-making -including audio waveforms and keyframe controls. In addition, it instructs you on the use of thumbnail preview options and methods for increasing and shrinking certain areas of the Timeline for more control.

Taking control of your Timelineis taught by video editing expert, Abba Shapiro, an award-winning producer and director with 25 years plus experience in video and film production.

3. Jason Levine

Jason Levine works for Adobe and has produced excellent YouTube videos on Adobe Premiere Pro CC containing 45+ minutes worth of substantial information.

He teaches you the basics from importing footage off your DSLR into Premiere to showing you more advanced features like how Premiere Pro CC works with multiple frame rates and frame sizes including mixed sample rate audio files.

Check out Levine’s tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro CC, where he breaks down the basics of Adobe Premiere.

4. CreativeCOW

CreativeCow is one of the best resources for the video editing industry. They have a seemingly endless supply of information on Adobe Premiere Pro including tutorials, engaging forums, and blog posts to help video professionals from all backgrounds hone their expertise and communicate with other editors.

One of my favorite features is the in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the editing of features films. CreativeCOW’s post on Adobe Premiere Pro usage in Gone Girl is a wonderful read.

In addition, CreativeCOW has a superb video editing YouTube channel including 138 YouTube videos on how to edit with Premiere Pro.

Check out this video on how to utilize the Echo Effect in Premiere Pro CS6:

5. Vimeo

Andrea Alle, Director of Production at Vimeo, offers some incredible insights on Adobe Premiere Pro with her seventeen video course. The class is designed to teach you to edit film like a professional by guiding you through Premiere’s video editing toolset, from basic functionality to advanced settings.

Vimeo offers more than just great video tutorials; they have a huge assortment of videos edited in Adobe Premiere Pro that you can derive inspiration from.

Here’s a great example of Premiere Pro CS6 in use:

6. TutorialsForGraphics

TutorialsForGraphics, hosted by TjStyle, has become an incredible resource for video tutorials. With over 33,000 subscribes and numerous videos he provides one of the most complete and free training courses available.

Here are some of the must-see playlists on TutorialsForGraphics:

Adobe After Effects Cs6 – Beginners (16 videos)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC – Beginners (25 videos)

Adobe After Effects CC – Beginners (30 videos)

Adobe After Effects – Advanced Tutorials (13 videos)

Picture of Lynda tutorial website

7. lynda.com

lynda.com is one of the top resources for improving technical, business, and creative skills. It’s also a top resource for Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials, including the latest and older versions.

Ashley Kennedy, who teaches Premiere courses, has written two textbooks on video editing and taught at the post-production track at Columbia College Chicago.

She teaches Premiere Pro CC Essential Training that includes close to eight hours of content, and it’s a perfect overview for new editors and for editors switching software platforms.

Abba Shapiro, owner of Shapiro Video & Multimedia, teaches Lynda’s course on Premiere Pro CS6 Essential Training.

In the linked video above, he instructs video editors in all the necessary skills to take control of their editing workflow in Premiere Pro.

Lynda currently offers a free trial, so if you think you can accomplish the course within ten days, go for it.

Picture of udemy learning website

8. udemy

Udemy is similar to Lynda; however, it’s not subscription based and charges per course. Courses on Adobe Premiere Pro range from $99 and cheaper and many of them are well worth the cost. With the rating and review system, it’s easy to know the quality of service you’ll receive.

One of the excellent classes Udemy offers is Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial – MasterClass Training.

The class features over sixteen hours spread over 112 videos of excellent training by InfiniteSkills, a Canadian company that offers a range of eLearning solutions that teaches studio quality narrated videos.

Another great course for beginner video editors is Phillib Ebiner’s Start video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro! Complete guide.

The course is taught by the founder of Video School Online, who has helped over 58,000 students learn more about their interests. The course is over 5 hours in 41 lectures. And includes all the same benefits latter course.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can make all the difference. Here are a couple great videos on improving your editing speed in both CS6 and CC, so you save valuable time.

Premiere Pro CS6 – Save Hours with a Simple Keyboard Shortcut Tip

26 Simple Tricks For Faster Editing (Premiere Pro CC)

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