8 of the Best Avid Resources like those Used in The Hobbit Movies

Avid Media Composer set the world of non-linear editing on fire when the founder of Avid Technology Inc., Bill Warner, released Avid 1 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in April 1988. It was touted by Russell Evans in his book, Practical DV Filmmaking, as “the biggest shake-up in editing since Melies played around with time and sequences in the early 1900s.”

Today, Avid Media Composer continues to develop ingenious and powerful features. As a result, it’s the number one choice for television and feature film editing, and used in movies such as The Hobbit Trilogy.

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And since version 7.0, every copy of Avid Media Composer has shipped with NewBlueFX Titler Pro 1.0. This partnership has provided Avid editors with a powerful titling tool for all of their 4K editing.

If you want to edit like a pro or simply learn something new, here are eight of the best Avid resources we’ve found across the web…

1. CreativeCOW

CreativeCOW is one of the best overall resources for the video editing industry. This one-stop shop for video editing resources has an enormous amount of information including tutorials, engaging forums, and blog posts on Avid Media Composer to help beginners and professionals fine-tune their skills and network with other professionals.

A favorite CashCow feature of ours is the behind the scene look into how Hollywood films are edited. A post on Unbroken, explained in depth, how editors Tim Squyres and William Goldenberg managed to express the tension of drifting 47 days on a raft without it appearing dull to the audience by choosing the right cuts in Avid Media Composer.

It wouldn’t be one of the best resources if it stopped there. CreativeCOW has one of the best video editing YouTube channels including a hundred plus tutorials on Avid Media Composer. Take a look at how to create a realistic effect of car driving in front of a title:

2. 24p

A one-of-a-kind blog by one of the most renowned professionals in video editing, Michael Phillips. Michael is an award-winning filmmaker, producer, editor, and industry technologist. He co-invented Film Composer, and Symphony product lines, earning him a 1994 Academy Award for Scientific and Engineering Achievement. Today, Michael works as a consultant to the industry as well as a freelance editor, post supervisor and Post Producer. This blog is purely for professionals – it’s technical with in-depth insights into the mind of one of the best editors.

3. John Lynn’s YouTube Channel

Owner of GeniusDV, John Lynn, has a YouTube channel with over eighty tutorials on Avid Media Composer. Amassing over twenty years of editing experience, certifications in Avid Media Composer and Final Cut Pro, and having taught thousands of editing beginners to hone their skill, you should pay close attention to his tutorials. John Lynn has worked with high-flyer clients including ESPN, NASA, Lockheed Martin, MTV, and the CIA. Want to take a one of Lynn’s courses? A few are available here.

Take a look at his latest video that teaches you how to link or import 4K media into Avid Media Composer:

4. Premium Beat

Premium Beat offers curated royalty free music that provides top-notch quality tracks and sound effects for modern and old school media projects. It’s main attraction for Avid Media Composer users is its blog content.

A recent piece by filmmaker and writer, Johnathan Paul, “Get it Together with These Avid Organizational Quick Tips” contains four useful tips for a better editing workflow.

Here’s Paul’s fourth tip, “One last useful tip: Tag your clips with color. When you add color to your clips, you can see this color difference on your timeline, which will allow you to better keep track of footage. What I’ve done in the past for film work is have a color tag for specific types of clips, such as Camera A, B-Roll, and VFX. By adding a little color to your clips, you can keep things in perspective – and prevent yourself from pulling your hair out while trying to find what you need.”

5. Jonny Elwyn

Jonny Elwyn has an excellent blog where he writes about a range of film topics and dives into non-linear editors including Avid Media Composer. He’s been editing for ten plus years as a freelancer in the UK. From articles on how to use Twitter for video editors to How To Edit A Better Documentary with Avid Media Composer, he always keeps his blog interesting.

Find him on Twitter: @jonnyelwyn

6. RedUser

We love discussion forums because there’s nothing better than communicating with other video editing professionals. RedUser’s forum on Avid Media Composer offers great insights into common questions that video editors come across from 4K editing in Avid MCP 8.3.0 to exporting clip names for review in Excel.

7. lynda.com

lynda.com is one of the best resources for learning technical, business, and creative skills. The website has a vast video library of tutorials and tips presented by industry leaders and experts. One of the software skills they cover is Avid Media Composer including the latest and older versions.

Ashley Kennedy, who teaches the Avid courses, has written two textbooks on video editing, taught at the post-production track at Columbia College Chicago, and was principle instructor and certifications program manager at Avid. Her latest course, Avid Media Composer 8 Essential Training, is ten hours and project-based with a design to have you knowledgeable in every aspect of Avid Media Composer.

Lynda currently offers a free trial, so if you think you can accomplish the course within ten days, go for it.

8. Avid Technology Inc.

Avid has a great blog that contains tutorials, production news, design news, and examinations of how Avid Media Composer is used in T.V. shows and feature films. Check out the behind-the-scenes use of Avid Media Composer in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

If you’re an Avid professional, it’s crucial to follow Avid Technology Inc. and their new developments. You never know when you’ll come across a surprise announcement or a once-a-year promotion. A good way to stay up to date is to participate in Avid’s forum that’s populated with active members and excellent advice.

There’s still more: Avid’s YouTube channel goes above and beyond with a number of tutorials. Want an A to Z overview of Avid Media Composer? Avid has compiled a playlist with hours of video.

Haven’t upgraded to Avid Media Composer 8.3.0? Find out why you should:

Know of any other great Avid Media Composer resources? Feel free to share them in the comments.


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