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Essentials Collection

Solve problems and work faster with essential tools for everyday editing, from Stabilization to Skin Touch Up.

Essentials 5 Volume 1

A collection of 9 plugins designed to quickly enhance details, boost colors, remove image noise and more.

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Essentials 5 Volume 2

Easily remove camera flashes, fix lens distortion, enhance colors and more with these 9 plugins.

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Essentials 5 Volume 3

Soften wrinkles and remove blemishes, optimize color and contrast, fine-tune luminance and more with this set of 9 essential tools.

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Bring fast and powerful image stabilization to your handheld footage.

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Transitions Collection

Guide your audience through the story with the language of transitions.

Transitions 5 Dimensions

A collection of 25 dynamic transitions that leverage 3D movements to cut from one scene to the next.

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Transitions 5 Glow

Choose from 13 stunning transitions that move one scene to the next with rings, waves and rays of light.

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Transitions 5 Flow

Access 12 fluid transitions that use energy and motion to move one scene into the next.

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Transitions 5 Inspire

A versatile set of 15 visually-charged transitions and create colorful and artistic scene-to-scene cuts.

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Elements Collection

Combine visual elements from separate shots into a single frame with an array of powerful compositing plugins.

Elements 3 Alpha Blend

Quickly make your footage dramatic with 8 plugins that add outlines to objects, create drop shadows and more.

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Elements 3 Overlay

Deliver fast, sophisticated compositing overlays with 6 powerful tools including picture-in-picture, split screen and image grids.

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Elements 3 Energize

Reconstruct an image in creative ways including tiling, auto-pan, cut aways and more with these 6 powerful compositing tools.

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Chroma Key Pro

Remove backgrounds and add depth with tools for outlines and drop shadows.

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Filters Collection

Add dimension to your narrative with specific color palettes, contrast and highlights.

ColorFast 2

Deliver primary and secondary color correction in a single easy, powerful workflow.

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Filters 5 Refocus

Focus the audience's attention, create surreal scenes, add leaks of light and more with these 8 powerful filters.

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Filters 5 Recolor

A collection of 8 versatile video filters that quickly replace color, add tints and more.

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Filters 5 Recreate

Quickly enhance footage color, create classic film looks, diffuse light and more with these 9 unique filters.

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Stylizers Collection

Create unique looks that craft the tone of your film and infuse nuance into your storytelling.

Stylizers 5 Excite

Inject energy and motion into your story with these 12 motion blurs and distortion effects.

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Stylizers 5 Illuminate

Create beautiful atmospheric effects and intensify your lighting with these 11 versatile plugins.

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Stylizers 5 Imagine

Turn your footage into a moving piece of art with these 11 eye-popping stylizing tools.

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Cartoonr Plus

Instantly give your footage a comic-book look with sharp edges & surreal color palettes.

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TotalFX 360

Get the latest and greatest of all NewBlue video editing tools and plugins, with no future upgrade fees when you purchase a TotalFX 360 subscription.

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TotalFX 360

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TotalFX 360

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