Transitions collection.

Guide your audience through the story with the language of transitions. Craft visual bridges to change mood, communicate passage of time, or completely move the location of your story. Be prepared with dynamic transition tools for every need.

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Expand your arsenal with NewBlue Transitions 5.

Move your audience from scene to scene with a range of colorful, energetic and 3-dimensional transitions.

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Transitions 5 Ultimate

Transition your audience from scene to scene with light, color, and motion with over 500 presets in 65 versatile plugins.


What's Included:

Transitions 5 Dimensions

Deliver transitions that leverage 3D movements to cut from one scene to the next.

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Transitions 5 Glow

Deliver stunning transitions that move one scene to the next with rings, waves, and rays of light.

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Transitions 5 Flow

Access a range of fluid transitions that use energy and motion to move one scene into the next.

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Transitions 5 Inspire

Deliver visually-charged transitions and create colorful and artistic scene-to-scene cuts.

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Video transitions effects and plugins.

At NewBlue, we offer a wide variety of transition effects for video editors to help you edit and create stunning video content. Whether you want to slowly change the opacity of the footage, implement an audio transition to give a sense of abruptness, or use one of our slide transitions to show the passage of time, our video transition plugins can easily help you set the stage or change the scene with just a click of a button.

Connect characters or objects through transitions to show a relationship not otherwise visualized on screen. When using transition effects for videos, you have the freedom to create new scenarios, provide insight, or effortlessly guide the audience into a different scene. In the world of video production, transitions for video editors serve a variety of purposes. Give the illusion of a camera moving between spaces. Give a visual representation to changes in mood, passage of time, and new parts of the story.

Give your footage the video effects it needs and create something remarkable. With our comprehensive collection of unique, stylized video transitions, you’ll be sure to find a fit for every mood or circumstance.


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