Filters collection.

Add dimension to your narrative with specific color palettes, contrast, and highlights. Change the mood or atmosphere of your footage to create a distinct aesthetic. Resolve color issues with controlled image processing.

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Expand your arsenal with NewBlue Filters 5.

Instantly enhance your production with NewBlue's Filters Collection of professional color correction tools, video filters, and effects. Easily correct colors and shape the mood you want with an array of distinctive looks and time-saving presets.

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Filters 5 Ultimate

Quickly perfect the tone and color of your footage with over 250 presets in 27 powerful video filters and effects.


What's Included:

ColorFast 2

Deliver primary and secondary color correction in a single workflow.

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Filters 5 Refocus

Focus the audience's attention, create surreal scenes, add leaks of light, and more.

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Filters 5 Recolor

Versatile video filters that quickly replace color, add tints, and more.

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Filters 5 Recreate

Quickly enhance footage color, create classic film looks, and diffuse light.

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More about NewBlue video filters.

Our filters collection features a variety of tools that allow you to change the tone, mood or aesthetic of your shots in just seconds. Find the exact color balance with ColorFast 2’s streamlined grading and color correction workflow, then shape the mood you want with a full suite of stylish aesthetics and time-saving presets. Transform ordinary video content to something extraordinary with this powerful collection of video filter effects.

With this toolkit of professional video filters for virtually any editing platform, including After Effects filters, you can easily boost colors, set the tone, or even create unique surreal looks. If you are looking to boost your video skills, our premiere video filters can help. With NewBlue’s powerful selection of video filter effects, the possibilities are truly endless. 


See what you can achieve with NewBlue's suite of professional video filters and effects.


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