Elements collection.

Combine visual elements from separate shots into a single frame with an array of powerful compositing plugins. Transform your scene entirely to bring new dimensions to the story. Create illusions to illustrate complicated shots.

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Expand your arsenal with NewBlue Elements 3.

Take your video footage to the next level with NewBlue's Elements Collection of video compositing tools. Our wide variety of editing tools and features will help you turn ordinary content into something unforgettable.

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Elements 3 Ultimate

Simplify your multi-step compositing tasks with over 250 presets in 21 powerful plugins.


What's Included:

Elements 3
Alpha Blend

Quickly dramatize footage, add outlines to objects and create drop shadows.

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Elements 3

Deliver fast, sophisticated compositing overlays including PIPs, split screen and image grids.

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Elements 3 Energize

Re-construct an image in creative ways including image tiling, auto-pan, cut aways and more.

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Chroma Key Pro

Key out green and simulate depth with tools for outlines and drop shadows.

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More about NewBlue Elements.

Our Elements collection of video compositing plugins for editors provides you with a collection of special effects to help you create interesting and eye-catching pieces of work. Our digital compositing plugins allow you to combine multiple images or videos to create a single motion picture.

Our powerful tools allow you to quickly and easily express complex concepts by building layers with your film and digital images. With many presets and plugins to choose from, you’ll have all the tools needed to create compelling video content. Expand your video skill set by trying out our full suite of digital compositing plugins for video editors.


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