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Transitions 5 Dimensions

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Add dynamic range, create moving video collages and incorporate transforming transitions into your projects. Featuring over 250 presets in 25 energy-infusing transition effects.

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Transitions 5 Dimensions works on Mac and Windows.

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Transitions 5 Dimensions Works with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Magix Vegas, Avid Media Composer and many more.

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What's Included

Get over 250 presets in 25 powerful video transition plugins. Compatible with all of today's leading NLEs.


    Blow Apart
    Break, burst and shred between scenes.

    Bouncing Cubes
    Convert the scene into 3D cubes that bounce and reassemble into the second scene.

    Bouncing Frames
    Turn the scene into a series of bouncing "frames" that animate into the next.

    Box Explode
    Fold the scene into a spinning box that flies apart to reveal the next scene.

    Box Fold
    Draw the video on the panels of a box that folds inward, revealing the second scene.

    Checker Board
    Shuffle, collapse and stack one scene away, then introduce the next.

    Slice the shot into strips that twirl and peel off the page to reveal the next scene.

    Turn the shot into confetti that blows off the screen to reveal the second scene.

    Flip the first scene over to reveal the second scene.
    Fly Away
    Minimize a scene into a shrinking panel that floats away.

    Grid Blast
    Slice the shot into a grid whose panels blow away at speeds determined by their brightness.

    Grid Explosion
    Smash, splinter and shatter an image to reveal the next scene underneath.

    Grid Fall Away
    Break the scene into pieces that fall away from the camera with the darker panels falling faster than the lighter ones.

    Intensity Grid
    Use 3D rectangles to expand and contract across the screen to transform into a new scene.

    Louver Grid
    Break the first shot into a grid of spinning louvered panels that dissolve into the second.

    Turn the first scene into a stack of window louvers that rotate to reveal the second scene.

    Magic Carpet
    Curl the shot into a magic carpet-like that spins as it flies away.

    Page Turn
    Peel the image as if it were a page in a book or calendar.
    Rotating Frames
    Cut the first scene into cascading frames that spin on an axis, reassembling to reveal the second scene.

    Sliced Cubes
    Slice the scene into a stack of spinning pizza boxes that combine to form the next scene.

    Break the shot into panels that spiral inward then outward, re-forming into the next shot.

    Spiral Bounce
    Slice the shot into bouncing panels that spiral inward, then outward to re-form as the next scene.

    Spiral Rotation
    Break the scene into a rectangular grid of panels that dance in a spiral around an axis to reassemble the second scene.

    Twist, slice, and peel to reveal the next scene.

    Break the scene into small panels that twirl and fly around the screen to reveal the next scene.

    Wave the scene like a flag in the breeze as it turns into the second scene.

    Compatibility and requirements.

    • Compatibility
    • Software and Hardware

    Compatible with the following programs:

    Adobe After Effects CC or later

    Adobe Premiere CC*
    *may require update to latest version

    NewBlue Titler Pro 2+

    Avid Media Composer & Symphony 8+

    Vegas Pro 17+, Magix Movie Studio 17 or older

    Black Magic DaVinci Resolve 15+

    Grass Valley EDIUS 9 & X*
    *Effects and transitions performance in Edius are not real-time.

    Software and hardware:

    macOS 10.15 and later
    Windows 10

    A recent Nvidia or AMD GPU that supports OpenGL 2.1 or later. 1 GB VRAM is required. 4 GB VRAM is recommended when working with HD content.

    Supports 64-bit video editing applications only.


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