Save Time with the New Essentials 5

Essentials 5’s time-saving tools are here to help you with some of video editing’s most time-consuming tasks like poor lighting, shaky camera footage, wrong compositions, blemished faces, camera warp and more.

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NewBlue Essentials 5 offers 29 video effects with over 275 presets that quickly solve your everyday editing challenges. From Touch Up to Stabilizer, the new Essentials 5 makes it easier than ever to quickly fix your footage with a range of must-have tools. Enhance colors and details, quickly remove camera flash, smooth shaky footage, and more. Regardless of your production, Essentials 5 Ultimate offers an array of time-saving tools that quickly perfect your footage.


Over 275 Preset Looks


Get started even faster with the included presets. Simply apply a plugin to your footage and select one of the preset looks, or use it as a starting point to customize your unique look.



Essentials 5 Volume 1


Volume 1 just got even better with the reintroduced Shadows and Highlights plugin plus 8 other versatile effects. Increase the amount of detail, sharpness, and boost the color quality in your footage with Essentials 5 Volume 1.


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Essentials 5 Volume 2


Quickly eliminate distracting camera flash, fix lens distortion, or instantly make your colors pop with Essentials 5 Volume 2. Take advantage of the two new plugins, Touch Up and Color EQ, plus 7 other time-saving plugins to fix your footage in no time.

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Essentials 5 Volume 3


Raw footage often contains issues that are hard to work with in post-production. Tackle everything from white balancing, removing blemishes and wrinkles from your main star, and sharpening details with Essentials 5 Ultimate. Choose from any of the 9 powerful plugins to save you time today!


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Essentials 5 Stabilizer


Shaky footage? No problem. With Stabilizer, recreate the effect of a steadicam in post-production. Easily analyze your footage for movement and fine-tune the amount of stabilization, strength, and motion control to fit your needs.

Time-Saving Tools-Essentials 5-Supercross biker image showing the effects of Stabilizer


Shop the new time-saving tools in the Essentials 5 collection here.


Time-Saving Tools-Essentials 5 Ultimate


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