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Get Motion Picture Looks With NewBlueFX Filters

Featured: Color Correction

Have you ever noticed how different movies have different looks? This custom coloring and lighting is a major part of how people experience a story. Make sure your film is one of a kind, get a custom look with NewBlueFX Filters 3.

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Ken Burns Effect Plus So Much More

Featured: Compositing

Ever wanted to quickly recreate the Ken Burn’s effect? How about smooth cut away? Or maybe you needed a reflection effect for your companies logo bumper. Well then maybe you need to check out Elements 3.

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Transitions You Need in Your Editing Toolkit

Featured: How To

Looking for the best transitions? Learn how you can use the power of Transitions 3 Ultimate to move your audience from scene to scene. Use powerful motion zooms or gentle fades to black to give your video the perfect touch and completely capture your audiences attention.

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Preserving Skin Tone with ColorFast

Featured: Color Correction

Want to fix your colors while preserving skin tones and detail? In this 60 second studio, learn just how easy color grading can be! Apply primary and secondary color correction in clicks, while preserving skin tones and detail. Take a minute and see how Colorfast can enhance your video editing.

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