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Upgrade to Captivate Sport with Instant Replay

Captivate Sport plus Instant Replay revolutionizes live event and sports broadcasts, offering fast, flawless replays seamlessly integrated with Captivate's full suite of sports graphics, from scoreboards to player stats.

Enjoy this exclusive opportunity to upgrade to this formidable sports production suite today.


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Captivate Sport Today

Discover how Titler Live Sport has evolved into a powerful live sports production engine.

Introducing Instant Replay

Where Every Moment Gets Its Spotlight. Capture every angle with multi-camera selections and bring your audience closer to the action with slow-mo analyses and dramatic recaps.

High-Performance Replay

Experience unparalleled clarity and seamless multi-angle coverage in every replay, enhanced by integrated live graphics.

  • Multi-Channel Recording:Captures multiple camera feeds in sync, with seamless switching during replays.
  • Crisp Visuals: Delivers up to 60 fps and 1080p resolution for detailed replays.
  • Direct Switching: Enables on-the-fly camera changes during replays, showcasing the best angles.

Streamlined Control

Navigate replays with ease with intuitive controls, instant playback, and an all-in-one solution that simplifies your workflow.

  • User-Friendly: Offers intuitive point-and-click camera switching and scrubbing for fast replay setup.
  • Multi-Channel Scrubbing: Syncs cameras for quick replay starts, simplifying selection.
  • "Instant" Replay: Enters replay without delay, enabling quick response during live coverage.

Scalable and Versatile

Grow with flexible capacity and broad options, ensuring your production system evolves with your needs.

  • Extended Playback: Stores up to 90 seconds per camera for immediate access to crucial moments.
  • Expandable: Easily adds more cameras and audio, limited only by your system's capabilities.
  • Open Platform: Supports USB, SDI, NDI, HDMI, and even Zoom camera.

Instant Replay in Captivate

Integrated Replay Experience

Enhance your sports video production setup with integrated Sports Graphics and Instant Replay.

  • Dynamic Graphics: Uses Captivate to customize stingers with live data, enriching replays.
  • Seamless Operation: Merges replay tightly with Captivate’s graphics, ensuring smooth visual synchronicity.
  • Switcher Options: Works with all hardware and software switchers through SDI, NDI, HDMI and even OBS, or switch and stream directly in Captivate.

Instant Replay Stinger Graphics

Instant Replay includes a suite of stinger graphics. These include dynamic text, color, and image fields that can be changed on the fly for live transitions that accurately represent the state of the game.

Purchase Options

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Instant Replay + Sport, normally $108, only$49 a month!

  • Save $20 off Sport (normally $69) every month.
  • Instant Replay FREE (normally $39 per month.)
  • Enjoy New Features, Fixes, and Support, plus this introductory price as long as you stay subscribed.
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Instant Replay FREE with your annual Sport subscription

  • Captivate Sport subscription billed annually ($399).
  • Instant Replay included FREE. Save $199.
  • Includes New Features, Fixes, Support and Instant Replay as long as you stay subscribed.
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Upgrade to Sport and Get Instant Replay FREE!

  • Log in to save $500 off your upgrade.
  • Perpetual Instant Replay FREE. Save $499.
  • Total savings $999
  • Includes one year of New Features, Fixes, and Support.
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