Video Storytelling In 2021

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Creating In A Covid Era

Video has changed the way we experience content now more than ever. Live content creation in the 21st century has skyrocketed as streaming classes, events, products, brand stories, and in-person industries have all had to pivot and enhance their programming by embracing on the fly live video production during these unusual times.

Our CEO, Todor Fay, says it best, “The ability to communicate effectively when interpersonal, direct interaction isn’t possible, has never been more important.”

Creating your first live stream can often become intimidating due to the sheer amount of technical understanding needed to successfully produce a high quality broadcast. Previously, post-editing recordings with software tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Avid, Vegas, and DaVinci Resolve might have given you the capabilities to show off your product, brand story, or service. But that is no longer enough. In an age where Live takes center stage, post-produced video content is only the beginning of captivating audiences with your video storytelling and production.

Essentials Behind Great Video Storytelling

What makes truly great live content is the ability to address viewers in an engaging, thoughtful, and interactive way. We’ve rapidly evolved from one-way communication to two-way and multi-way communication. As a society we don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Keep reading for a NewBlue perspective on video storytelling best practices. This article is intended to share our perspective and experience in what it means to create rich video content to engage any audience from beginning to end.

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Video Storytelling Outshines Visual Storytelling

What does it mean to be a visual storyteller in today’s world? There are many ways to express yourself in visual form from 2D graphics, to print, to digital, and more. But brands and people alike who take creative assets to new heights in video form play to the strengths of utilizing more of our senses. Audio, colors, and other sensory elements can evoke memories from the past. These creative choices make the piece of content more engaging, understandable, and memorable.

In 2021, you have the option between graphic design, copywriting, infographics, and more. You can show instead of tell. Video should take priority as your medium of choice.

Sophisticated video storytelling, if done right (especially for live streaming) is a key function to enhance engagement for any business or organization and a valued medium for digital marketers, content creators, film makers, videographers and editors. Content is everywhere and the most engaging pieces of premium content uphold a natural flow. They entertain us, inform us, inspire us, and help us make decisions, and are seamlessly woven into an overall story. And no other content sells, explains, or entertains better than video content. 

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A NewBlue Storytelling Toolkit

Storytelling success is in the details — color keying, titles, transitions, motion graphics, lower thirds — that distinguish superior video content from amateur output. There are many tools in the digital space to enable new age content creators, film makers, and video editors alike. Anyone with a point of view to share can access these types of software tools to enhance production value and grow an audience in 2021.

At NewBlue, we believe in powering our customers with intuitive graphic storytelling tools in order to unleash their creativity and give them time back to shine. Specifically, NewBlue VividCast™ empowers creatives everywhere to access this type of next-level video storytelling. VividCast provides a complete professional-grade solution regardless of skill level or live streaming experience, plus a high-quality stream at a low price point.

Your journey is just as important as your destination. The simplicity of VividCast’s interface is a key component that enables VividCasters everywhere to truly enjoy the experiential journey of creating, in addition to the final content they choose to make, record, and deliver to their final destination. And for a new emerging class of innovative content creators making engaging web content and artists making YouTube clips for fans and followers, these kinds of creative technology solutions speed up everyday editing, productivity, and performance. 

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Fundamentals Of Story

Just like written transitional words or phrases that carry readers from one topic to another, there’s a similar power in video and visual transitions that help viewers see the connection between ideas and keep the story moving forward. Transitions are able to uphold a natural flow, while preventing a sudden or confusing jump in the narrative. The transitional pause is a sweet spot for clarity. Within our Title Designer, stinger transitions can be customized or utilized with prebuilt collections. Enhancing your video storytelling like a sophisticated pro is now more accessible today than ever.

Another story detail is theme. Themes are a key part of storytelling in the written language and a huge part of captivating videos. Using prebuilt themes in project templates, you can take your ideas and treat them with graphic content production that feels and looks in relation to how it sounds. Let’s say you’re doing a comical story. You might want to use a colorful theme to create a holistically funny experience from start to finish. Or if you’re making a sports related video, you might want to include colors and sports elements and industry specific graphics to your visual theme.

Another vital story element is dialogue. In popularized books, we’re invited into the minds and the way characters think and how they connect with each other and us, the readers too. In live video storytelling, the audience and the host or facilitator recreate these dynamics through on-screen dynamic dialogue which can be brought to life and enhanced through motion graphics and Titling. Using titling makes your point come across stronger with the use of on-screen lower thirds, crawls, bugs, and other plugin effects.

Closing the Story Loop

Flow, narrative, transitions, themes, colors, effects, titling, simplified editing, and graphics software. What do these all have in common? With these crafted video storytelling elements, the impact and importance of designing with these features are pivotal to your next story. Work smarter, look better and improve the production value of your content. At NewBlue, our tools help you deliver rich content with impactful narratives. The next time you make a video, remember to ask yourself this: Does my video invite my audience into a feeling, a memory, a theme, a concrete idea, and does it intentionally paint the desired picture into the mind?


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